Setting Up Data Flows from FlexNet Manager Suite to ServiceNow

FlexNet Manager Suite (Cloud)
For records of installed applications and hardware inventory, FlexNet Manager Suite is considered the authoritative source of truth. Data on installed applications and hardware inventory, as well as contracts, can be exported from FlexNet Manager Suite to ServiceNow. The summary of the export process is:
  1. On a weekly schedule (3am on Sunday mornings, application server time), an export utility extracts the appropriate data from FlexNet Manager Suite and transfers it to ServiceNow using API calls. This communication relies on all of the following details (configured as described in the following topics):
    • The URL of your ServiceNow instance
    • The user account registered for accessing ServiceNow
    • The communications token copied from ServiceNow and saved in FlexNet Manager Suite.
  2. In ServiceNow, the FlexNet Manager Suite integration application processes the data received through the API calls, and schedules imports of that data using the ServiceNow Import Set.
    Tip: The Transform Maps used during import to switch data from one product's formats to the other are also defined in the integration application.
If you wish to make use of this data flow, you need to complete the following processes:

FlexNet Manager Suite (Cloud)