Issue: JavaScript is not enabled

IT Asset Management (Cloud)


IT Asset Management cannot function correctly with your current browser settings.


JavaScript is not enabled for this website.


Enable JavaScript in your browser settings. For example:
  • In Mozilla FireFox, in the address field, enter
    and then click I accept the risk! (The above URL reveals only the javascript setting, protecting you from accidentally changing other important settings.) If the current value is false, right-click that value and select Toggle. Close the tab.
  • In Google Chrome, click the settings icon and from the context menu click Settings. In the Settings page, scroll down to Privacy and click Content settings.... In the Content Settings dialog, click Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended).
  • In Apple Safari on OS X, open the Preferences dialog and select the Security tab to check the Enable JavaScript control.
  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer, the simplest way to enable JavaScript is to add this website to your trusted websites. Click the settings icon and choose Internet Options. Select the Security tab, then the Trusted sites icon from the group of zones, and click Sites. Copy the URL for this site into the field, and click Add. This site is then added to the list of trusted sites shown in the lower part of the dialog.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)