Viewing SAP User Accounts Evidence

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You view SAP user accounts that show high usage patterns or that were used for concurrent logons on the SAP User Accounts tab on the Indirect Access page (Licenses > SAP Optimization > Indirect Access). The information lists the SAP user accounts that were identified by the Work Time and Multiple Logons activity checks.



System ID

The three-character ID of the system on which the SAP user account is active.

Client ID

The client ID of the SAP system on which the SAP user account is active.

User Name

The name of the user account that was identified by an activity check.

Account Type

The type of the account that was identified by an activity check.

Has Exceeded Min. Break Duration

Indicates whether user activity has exceeded the Break Duration value set for the Work Time activity check in the SAP Admin module.

  • Yes indicates that there has been an insufficient break in activity of this user account.
  • No indicates that a sufficient break was recorded.
Has Multiple Logons

Indicates whether the user had multiple concurrent logons.

  • Yes indicates that the Multiple Logons activity check identified that the user account was used for concurrent logons.
  • No indicates that no concurrent logons were recorded.
Non-SAP Systems

If the user account that is indirectly accessing SAP data is linked to a non-SAP system, the relevant system name is displayed here. Otherwise, this column is empty.


Indicates whether the evidence is hidden.

  • No indicates that the evidence is always visible.
  • Yes indicates that the evidence is visible only if the Show hidden user accounts check box is selected.

For information about showing and hiding evidence, see Showing and Hiding Remote System Evidence.

For information about viewing detailed results of an activity check for a specific SAP user account, see Viewing Details of Remote System Evidence.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)