Editing Money Values

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Each monetary value entered into IT Asset Management defaults to your individual preferred currency, but you may change the currency and also choose the exchange rate to apply to each individual value as you enter it.

This process applies to data entry or editing in any monetary field. Note that any currency you intend to use must exist within your enterprise before you start editing a monetary property (see Activating Currencies; and any applicable exchange rate must also exist in the appropriate exchange rate set (see Creating an Exchange Rate Set).

Tip: When you come to edit an existing value in a money field, it may show either:
  • A single value and currency, which means that the value was last edited in the same currency that is your personal preference.
  • The value and currency used for the last data entry/edit, followed by the equivalent in your preferred currency (displayed in brackets).

To edit money values:

  1. Click in the data entry field.
    Any prefix and suffix used to show the currency disappears, and any equivalent in your preferred currency also disappears. During editing, you modify a simple numerical value.
  2. Enter or update the numerical value in the field.
    Tip: The currency you are entering by default depends on the circumstances:
    • If you are modifying a value already present in the field (collected from the database and presented in the property sheet), you are by default changing the value in the same currency that the last entry/edit was made. (This may be something other than your preferred currency.)
    • If you are making the first entry into a blank field, the system uses your personal preferred display currency as the default input currency.
  3. To change (only) the currency for this field (for example, to make sure that the exact value is recorded in the original currency of the transaction), click the gray $ icon to the immediate right of the money field. From the pop-up list of the currencies now active in your enterprise, click the currency to use for this field.
    This is a short-cut for times when you want to modify only the currency, and leave the exchange rate unaltered. If you need to change both, use the next step instead.
  4. To select the applicable exchange rate (and optionally choose a currency at the same time), click the gray ellipsis (...) icon to the right of the field.
    A fly-down appears that includes:
    • The monetary field you are currently editing
    • A Currency pull-down to choose the currency to use for this data entry
    • An Exchange rate pull-down, to choose from the exchange rate sets defined in your enterprise (this fly-down area is the only place where the currently chosen exchange rate is visible)
    • A list of the Converted values for the monetary field expressed in each of the currencies defined in the Exchange rate set now selected.
  5. Within the fly-down, select the Currency and (if necessary) the Exchange rate from the two drop-down lists.
    After making changes, wait a moment for the list of Converted values to update, reflecting your latest selection. This allows you to check that the values are as expected.
  6. Click Select currency and rate.
    The fly-down closes, with the revised value and currency shown in the money field. If the currency of data entry is not the same as your preferred currency, you also see the equivalent value in your preferred currency.

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