Removing Exemptions

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You should remove exemptions that an operator has previously applied when you now want those exempted installations to consume license entitlements from an appropriate license.

Tip: Exemptions derived from product use rights cannot be removed in this page. These cases are included in the Apply Allocations and Exemptions listing, showing Yes in the Exempted column but showing No in the Allocated column. Examples include installations covered by second use rights, or exemptions for device roles (created automatically when a license reconciliation matches a product use right on the license properties with the role of an inventory device).
Keep in mind that manually-added exemptions also include allocations (that is, Exempted = Yes and Allocated= Yes). This means there are multiple ways to remove manually-added exemptions using the Apply Allocations and Exemptions page:
  • Remove the underlying allocation (see Deallocating Licenses). The allocation is removed along with the related exemption. In future license reconciliations, the installation (or use) of the related application consumes from the most appropriate license (which may or may not be the one that was previously allocated).
  • Remove only the exemption (as described in this topic). The exemption is removed, but the allocation remains, so that the device (or user) consumes from the allocated license (possibly subject to the presence of an appropriate inventory record), starting from the next license reconciliation. It cannot consume from any other license.
You can manage exemptions individually through license properties (in the Consumption tab, for which see Exemption Reason). To remove exemptions for multiple users/devices in one operation, use the following process:

To remove exemptions:

  1. On the License Compliance > Apply Allocations and Exemptions page, use the smart-search filter to identify appropriate licenses or applications (see The Smart-Search Filter), and use the column or advanced filters (see Using Filters to Limit Data Size) to find the desired record(s).
    Tip: To isolate records that include exemptions, filter the License's column Exempted for Yes in a column filter.
  2. Select the exempted installation records for which you want to remove exemptions, and click Remove exemption.
    IT Asset Management displays the Remove exemptions from licenses panel with the number of affected items displayed as Selected installations/allocations.
  3. Click Remove exemptions to clear manually-applied exemptions for the selected installations from the licenses in the selected rows.
    IT Asset Management displays a notification about the result of the action you just performed, and the listing is updated appropriately.
  4. Click Close to remove the Exemptions removed panel.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)