Using Filters to Limit Data Size

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

There are three different ways to manage filters.

When large amounts of information are available from your database, there are two quite similar approaches to reducing the amount of information shown in a list:
  • Searching — When you search for a particular value in the search field above the list, the contents of your list are replaced with the values that match your search. Often you'll be looking for one, or a few records.
  • Filtering — Filtering tends to be used to narrow down to a group of records. This section covers filtering.
(You can use the search and filter controls in any combination you like.)
Behind the scenes, there is just one filtering engine; but there are three different ways you can control it, depending on how you prefer to work:

Of course, filters apply only to the list where you create them; and even if you navigate away to another page, they are still in place when you return, until you clear the filter.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)