Assigning One Multi-Install Key to Each Application

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The One (multi-install) key per application option is restricted to a specific application, but allows multiple users to install it by using the same license key. When you choose this licensing rule, multiple users can install one licensed application by using the identical key. If a publisher limits the number of installations on each key, you must manage this limit manually through your assignments (IT Asset Management does not track the number of assignments of individual keys).

This licensing rule applies at the application level, and therefore you need to assign the license key to the application on the Applications tab of the license properties.

To assign a unique license key to each application linked to this license:

  1. In the license properties, click the Identification tab.
  2. In the License keys area, click Change.
    The Change license key rule dialog box displays. If you already have an active rule, this includes a reminder that a change includes removing all previously-defined license keys.
  3. From the License key rule drop-down list, select the One (multi-install) key per application option, and click Save.
    Your license is saved with this new rule, and a new column is made available on the Applications tab.
  4. Click the Applications tab.
  5. From the Choose columns dialog box, drag and drop the License keys column on to the listing.
  6. In the License keys column, for the row that identifies the application you need, enter a license key, and click Save.
"Your license was saved successfully" message displays. Users can now install this one licensed application on different computers, authorized by the same license key. If you have other keys for applications linked to this license, repeat the process until all are linked to the appropriate key values.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)