Delete a Points Rule

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can delete rules that were added within your enterprise, as shown by the Source value (see below). You can delete your points rules only from the Points rules tab of the points rule set properties.

To remove a points rule added in your enterprise:

  1. In the list of current Points rules, select one or more rules that have a Source value of Local.
    The Delete button is disabled when there is no selection, or when your selection includes any row for which Source is Flexera or Flexera (extended).
  2. Click Delete.
    The rule disappears from the list. There is no undo. (However, the change is not committed to the database until you click Save. If you removed a rule in error and have not yet committed it to the database, you can click Close. The rule will reappear next time you open the properties of this rule set.)

IT Asset Management (Cloud)