Removing License Allocations

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

You can remove individual license allocations, but removing the allocation does not always mean that the inventory device or user disappears from the Related user or Related devices list (depending on license type) on the Consumption tab of license properties.

Inventory devices or users (depending on license type) appear in this list either because they have the licensed application installed or in use, or because they have been allocated entitlements from this license; or both. Therefore, removing an allocation will only clear the row from the list when there is no inventory record pointing to license consumption.

To remove license allocations:

  1. In the list of Related devices (or Related users), set the selection check box (at the left of each row) for the row(s) in question, and then click Deallocate. You can deallocate multiple inventory devices or users at once.
  2. Click Save to store your changes in the database.
    Any records that were allocations only (without any installation or usage reported through inventory) are cleared from the list. Other records that show installation or usage remain in the list for the present; however, if there are other licenses related to the same software, these computers or users may consume from other licenses after the next compliance calculation (that is, with the allocation removed, they are free to relocate to the most appropriate available license at each compliance calculation). To ensure that the inventory devices or users does not reappear on this license after the next compliance calculation, you may allocate a different license to this inventory device or user (which attaches them to the other license instead of this one).

IT Asset Management (Cloud)