Filtering for SAP-Related System Tasks

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
To display the System Tasks page, you need appropriate access rights. For more information, see Accessing System Task Information.

On the System Tasks page, you can filter the system tasks to display only the SAP-specific tasks of type SAP import. The filter settings persist when you leave the System Tasks page and return to it later.

To display only SAP-related system tasks:

  1. Go to the IT Assets Inventory Status System Tasks page.
  2. On the System Tasks page, set the following filter settings:
    1. For Tasks run in the last, select the period for which tasks should be displayed, or accept the default value.
    2. For Only show last run, select Yes if only the last task that was run on a specific SAP system should be displayed, or select No if all tasks should be displayed.
    3. Click Add filter to enable additional filter options.
    4. In the next drop-down list, select Task type.
    5. In the last drop-down list, select the task type SAP import.
    6. Click the blue check mark to apply your filter settings.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)