Exporting data to ServiceNow

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Once the ServiceNow connection details have been saved, your data is automatically synchronized on a weekly basis. You can, however, choose to manually export the selected data from IT Asset Management to ServiceNow.

To manually export your data from IT Asset Management:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management Settings General page, click the Inventory tab, and go to the Export data to ServiceNow section.
  2. Select the Perform full export check box to perform a full export of all relevant data.
    Choose this option the first time you export data, when you export data of a new type, or when data has changed since the last export of the same data type.
  3. Click Export to create a data export job.
    IT Asset Management displays the status message ServiceNow export is waiting to be executed in the Status field in the Last completed export section below. This begins the process of testing the connection to ServiceNow and submitting an export job.
  4. Refresh the browser intermittently to update the status message.
    The Status field in the Last completed export section displays:
    • Success for a successful connection
    • Connection failure if the connection is unsuccessful.
    For more information, see Process for Exports from IT Asset Management to ServiceNow in the IT Asset Management Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference PDF, available at https://docs.flexera.com/.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)