Triggering an Inventory Import and Compliance Calculation

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Inventory imports, and the flow-on recalculation of your license compliance position, are scheduled overnight. When necessary, you can manually trigger a compliance calculation (if you are an administrator, optionally after reimporting the latest inventory).

Depending on the amount of data to process, a full import and compliance calculation may take from 30 minutes to some hours to complete. When business needs dictate that you must trigger these processes manually rather than waiting overnight, use this process.
Note: To include an inventory import in this process, you must be a member of the Administrators role.

Forcing an inventory import for license calculations:

  1. Go to the Reconcile page.
  2. To update inventory before the compliance calculation, ensure that the Update inventory for reconciliation check box is selected. (This check box is only visible to members of the Administrators role.)
  3. Click Reconcile.
    After a moment, an alert appears in the title bar of the web page to let you know that the compliance calculation has been placed in the queue of calculation requests.
  4. Continue with other work, navigating to other pages as needed. When the compliance calculation is completed, the status indicator in the title bar of the window will be updated at the next page change.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)