Calculated Consumption

The number of entitlements of this license consumed by this inventory device or user, as calculated by license reconciliation. Typically, the value of this field is copied into the Consumed field at each full reconciliation, except in the following circumstances:
  • For IBM PVU licenses, if an inventory source does not return either:
    • For any instance in the cloud with a cloud service provider assigned (as recorded in the Hosted in field in the General tab of the device properties), the count of vCPUs (threads), falling back to cores if vCPU count is not present
    • For any other device, the count of cores (either assigned to a VM, or present in the server for a stand-alone computer)
    the Calculated consumption is instead derived from the number of processors in the device, giving some indication of possible consumption. However, since an auditable consumption figure must be derived from the (missing) core count, the Consumed value remains at zero until you correct the core count in the Hardware tab of the inventory device properties.
  • If you edit a non-zero value for the Overridden consumption property (and the device is reported in FlexNet inventory), this overrides Calculated consumption and is copied to the Consumed field instead (see Overridden Consumption for details).
Tip: Depending on settings and inventory sources, the total for this column may mix subcapacity and full capacity calculations for different machines (those inventoried by approved tools receive subcapacity results, and those returned only by non-approved inventory tools must show full capacity results). In the corner case where different inventory tools report on VMs on the same virtual host, any one VM inventoried by a non-approved tool forces the entire host (and all its child VMs) to use full capacity license calculations (this is not surprising: since the host is already forced to use full capacity licensing, any subcapacity calculation on the same host is meaningless).
For more about the relationships between various consumption fields (with special emphasis on IBM PVU licenses), see Relationships Between Consumption Fields.

Not available for CAL Legacy, IBM Authorized User, IBM Concurrent User, IBM Floating User, IBM UVU, Microsoft Device CAL, Microsoft SCCM Client User, Microsoft User CAL, Named User, Oracle Application User, Oracle Named User Plus, SaaS User, or User licenses.

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