License Properties

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Use the tabs on the right-hand side to switch between pages of different properties. You can Close to return to your previous location (you will be reminded of any unsaved changes); or you can edit values on multiple tabs, and Save the results to the database.

There are two extra kinds of information that may appear at the top of the license properties sheet, above all the tabs:
  1. Alerts about any issues applying to the license
  2. A link to see the license details in Flexera One SaaS Management (in very limited circumstances).
Note: For license types that only support container licensing data collected from the IBM License Service (IBM Resource Unit licenses and IBM Managed Virtual Server licenses), various controls in the License Properties tabs are hidden as they are not relevant to container licensing.


Alerts (or notifications) may appear at the top of the license properties sheet. Most alerts are also repeated on the relevant tab of the license properties where you can address the problem being highlighted. However, the following alert appears only at the top of the properties sheet, and is not replicated on any properties tab:

All license entitlements must be covered by current maintenance. Please remove the excess or cover the shortfall.
  • Meaning: A license must have either no maintenance attached, or maintenance coverage for the exact count of entitlements on the license. This alert shows that the license has some maintenance attached; but that the entitlement count and the maintenance coverage are not equal.
  • Remedies: One possibility is to adjust purchases to fix this inequality. For example, you may have forgotten to link a purchase for additional maintenance that equalizes the two counts.
  • Another possible action comes when you have decided to renew only part of the maintenance that was previously covering this license. The requirement for equality means you must now split the license into two, the first with continuing maintenance and the second without maintenance. The easiest way to do this is with the Move maintenance wizard (see Moving Maintenance Between Licenses), which is available through either:
    • The License and Maintenance Expiry page
    • The All Licenses page.

Link to Flexera One SaaS Management

This link only appears when all of the following are true:
  • You have licensed Flexera One SaaS Management.
  • You have turned on integration with Flexera One SaaS Management by selecting the Enable SaaS Manager integration check box on the Inventory tab in the IT Asset Management Settings General page (Administration > IT Asset Management Settings > General). Expand the SaaS Manager section.
  • At least one full inventory import and license consumption calculation (typically run overnight) has occurred since the connection was enabled. During this process, IT Asset Management creates local copies of licenses for all SaaS applications being tracked in Flexera One SaaS Management (Named User licenses for Microsoft Office 365, and SaaS User licenses for all other applications – no other license types are affected).
Because Flexera One SaaS Management remains the source of truth for these licenses, in general properties in these matching licenses should not be edited within IT Asset Management. If you make changes locally, at the next import from Flexera One SaaS Management, the values imported from there are restored, overwriting your changes. Instead, make these updates in Flexera One SaaS Management. Click View license in SaaS Manager to open the appropriate details in a new browser tab, where you can make updates (if you do not already have a Flexera One SaaS Management session running, you need to log in first, and then navigate to the appropriate point). Any changes made in Flexera One SaaS Management are updated in IT Asset Management during the next overnight inventory import.
Tip: One change you can make in IT Asset Management is to rename the imported license (the name is not used to match imported licenses to existing records). Also be aware that if you link a purchase record to your license in IT Asset Management, the purchased amount does not contribute to the entitlements on the license, since the entitlements, too, are imported from Flexera One SaaS Management, which remains the source of truth.
Note: If a license is deleted from Flexera One SaaS Management, the relevant license status in IT Asset Management will be marked as retired and the license record will be kept for the purpose of audit trail. However, if you click View license in SaaS Manager, the license will not be shown because it has been deleted in Flexera One SaaS Management. You can choose to delete the license in IT Asset Management if it is not required for audit trial or history tracking.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)