AHB Consumption

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The AHB consumption is the total consumed in the cloud under the Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB) for particular licenses that allow entitlements to simultaneously authorize product installation on-premises and in the Azure cloud. The value is copied from the Consumption tab (where it displays at the bottom of the table in the AHB consumed column) and shown here for convenience.

For those special combinations of Microsoft products, license types, and purchase methods that allow simultaneous use, the consumption on-premises is shown in the Calculated consumption figure in this card (copied from the Consumed column on the Consumption tab); and the consumption in the Azure cloud is shown in this AHB consumption value. The Compliance status is determined by comparing the larger of these two figures with the Total entitlements, with any excess consumption putting the license at risk.

This total AHB consumption is updated at each compliance calculation.

Only available for Microsoft Server/Management Core and Microsoft Server Core license types.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)