Points Rule Set

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
The name of the set of points rules. For sets supplied by Flexera, the name cannot be edited.
Tip: You can create your own points rules sets (navigate through License Compliance > Points Rule Sets in the Licenses group), or add individual points rules to any existing set (through the points rule set properties).

Use brief descriptive titles, starting with differentiating text in case the name is truncated in lists.

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Available for Core Points, IBM PVU, IBM RVU, IBM UVU, Microsoft Server Core, Oracle Named User Plus, Oracle Processor, and Processor Points licenses. The following notes apply:
  • For Core Points, IBM PVU, and Oracle Processor and licenses, each core on each processor type consumes license points.
  • For Processor Points licenses, different types of processors consume various license points.
  • Oracle Named User Plus licenses for the Oracle Enterprise Edition don't use the calculated core points directly, but instead use it as a multiplier to calculate the minimum number of NUP entitlements required.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)