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IT Asset Management (Cloud)
The Related documents tab lists any documents that have been linked to the license. These may be:
  • Uploaded and stored in the operations database (as datatype image and saved unencoded)
  • Described, if the original is a physical document in an archive location
  • Referenced as either a UNC file path or a URL. In these cases, different browsers, and depending on security settings, may (or may not) allow clicking the path to open the document in the default application. Where click-through is not supported, a dialog appears so that you can copy the path to the appropriate place.

Summary of main actions

On this tab, you may:
Action Notes
Switch between a card summary of the linked documents, and a list view. Toggle the card or list icon above the display area.
Attach documents. All options, including saving copies in the database, or linking to an online copy, or describing a physical location, are described in the sub-topic linked above.
Update the details you recorded for the document.
  • In list view, either select the document and click Edit above the list (the Edit button is enabled only in list view), or click the edit icon in the Actions column for this document.
  • In card view, click the edit icon on the card for the document to update.
Tip: Changes are recorded only when you click Save. If you have previously uploaded a document and saved, and now update its details but leave the Document path blank, the system knows to reuse the existing uploaded document. If you upload a new version of the document using Document path, the new version is also recorded in the version history, and previous and new versions are all maintained in the database.
Review all the versions of a particular document (after you have updated details or uploaded a more recent version of the document).
  • In list view, click the history icon in the Actions column for this document.
  • In card view, click the history icon on the card for the document.
Tip: The history icon is only enabled when you have saved multiple revisions of the document details. Earlier versions of the document are accessible through this view.
Download a copy of the document version most recently stored in electronic form in the operations database.
  • In list view, click the download icon in the Actions column for this document.
    Tip: Don't use the download icon above the list for this purpose. That button exports the contents of the list as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • In card view, click the download icon on the card for the document to download.
Delete the document, and the reference to it from this record.
  • In list view, select the document from the list and click Delete (above the list). You can also select multiple rows by clicking the check boxes on their left ends.
  • In card view, click the trash icon on the card for the document. A dialog box displays, explaining that any document revision history is also removed. Click OK to confirm that you wish to delete (or Cancel if you have changed your mind). The entry (or entries) are removed from the list, and the underlying delete operation is completed when you next click Save on the property sheet.
Important: There is no undo.
When you click Save, the action depends on the link Type:
  • Any files that were uploaded to the compliance database are removed from the database
  • The details about files or website addresses that were linked by reference are removed (although the original files, of course, remain unchanged)
  • Descriptions of physical locations of documents are removed.

Understanding card view

The card view displays the following information:

Columns available in list view

The following columns are available in the list view of attached documents.

Column Details
A group of icons allowing individual actions on the document listed in the same row:
  • — Enabled only when multiple versions of the same document have been uploaded to the central application server, this displays a list of the revisions that have been saved. Earlier versions of uploaded documents are also available here.
  • — Allows editing the document record (but not the document itself). Equivalent to selecting the document in list view and clicking Edit above the list. This can include switching the Method of attachment (or record Type), so that where you originally gave a reference to the physical document, you may now upload a scanned PDF of the document instead.
  • — Retrieve a copy of the document, where possible (this icon is disabled for records describing a physical location). For documents that have been uploaded to the central application server, this downloads a copy of the file to your computer. For document records that have a UNC file location, a dialog appears from which you can copy the path to Windows Explorer or your web browser. For records giving a URL, the web browser opens that URL in another tab.

Neither the actions nor their icons are configurable.

Attached by

The operator's account (login) that created the record of the attached document.

Not editable.

Date attached

The date and time when the operator linked this version of the document to the purchase record.

Not editable.


The information entered when an operator most recently attached or edited the document details.

Editable in the Documents tab of these properties, as you create (or update) the link to the related document.

File type

For uploaded files, this is the system-determined file type. For other kinds of linked documents, this displays Unknown.

Not editable.

Displays the connection details for the document:
  • The file name for uploaded documents
  • The link details for UNC or URL links
  • The location details you entered for physical documents.

Editable in the Documents tab of the purchase properties, as you create or update the link to the related document.


For uploaded files, displays the system-determined size of the uploaded file (maximum 10MB per file). Shows Unknown on cards or listings for other kinds of links to documents.

Not editable.


The kind of reference made to the related document (Document upload, File location, Physical location, URL).

Set as you create the link to the related document.

Tip: You can edit this field when you Edit the document record. For example, you may have started with a reference to a physical document, but now you have scanned the document and want to upload a PDF file to save in the operations database. Simply change the Method of attachment to Document upload, and complete the remaining details to upload your PDF file.

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