IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The version assigned to the license. Depending on settings, this may or may not reflect the version of the first-linked application.

Inspect the preceding check box Copy Version and Edition from the most recent application.
  • If this is checked (ticked), do not enter a value in the Version field. It will be updated automatically as upgrade rights are applied to the license.
  • If the check box is clear, enter your preferred value for the license version.
Tip: If the Version field for an existing license is blank, it typically means that this license was created automatically from a SKU value that was not recognized in the downloaded SKU library. You may either wait until this field is updated from linked applications, or enter your intended value.


You may use the license version field in three ways, with the third being the most common:

  • Enter a value manually to track the revisions of your license record.
  • Enter the value of the earliest version of the application linked to this license.
  • Have the license version reflect the version of the application it is tracking. The application version may change automatically with the calculation of upgrade and downgrade rights. If you reflect those changes automatically in the license version, it may make it easier to find the license for a current application in long lists of licenses.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)