Points Rule Sets

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The License Compliance > Points Rule Sets page (in the Licenses group) allows you to manage available points rule sets. (For background information, see What Are Points Rule Sets?)

Points rule sets are displayed here if you created them, or if they have been linked to any license. Those points rule sets that are available in the Application Recognition Library, but not yet used in any of your licenses, are not listed here. (Those are available when you search for a points rule set to link to a license, from within the license properties.)

From this page, you can:
  • Open the properties of a points rule set (click the points rule set name, or select the row and click Open). For details, see Points Rule Set Properties.
  • Delete a points rule set that has a Source value of Local (select the row, and click Delete).
    Note: If you delete a rule set that is still attached to any licenses, you prevent all compliance calculations for those licenses. First check the Licenses column for the count of attached licenses, then check the Licenses tab of the points rules set properties to find names of any linked licenses.
  • Create a new points set rule (see Create a Points Rule Set).
The following properties of points rule sets are available in the list (shown here alphabetically):
Note: The Save view as feature of IT Asset Management enables you to create customized management views of a page by saving the applied user interface settings. For more information, see Creating Saved Views.
Property Notes
License type

The kind of software license to which this points rule set may be applied. In general, each points rule may apply only to the one type of license (although you may link one rule set to as many licenses of the same type as you like). One exception is that the Oracle Processor points rule set may be used with both Oracle Processor licenses and Oracle Named User Plus licenses.

Tip: License types may be displayed in this list for which you need the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters option. Although you can see such items here, you can only create the matching license when the corresponding option is licensed.

The count of licenses currently sharing this points rule set. You can identify which licenses these are by double-clicking the row, and checking the Licenses tab on the properties for this points rule set. It is best practice to make sure that this count is zero before you delete a points rule set.

Points rule set name

A distinctive and descriptive title for the points rule set.

Editable in the General tab of the points rule set properties.


Whether the points rule set is factory-supplied, or extended within your enterprise, or fully created within your enterprise.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)