Peak Consumption Since

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
This row is displayed only when all of the following are true:
  • The license is either an IBM PVU or an IBM VPC license type, and
  • Use sub-capacity license calculations where available is selected in the Rights on virtual machines and hosts section of the Use rights & rules tab of the license properties, and
  • The Enable frequent hardware scanning for IBM sub-capacity license calculations check box is set (go to the Inventory Settings page and scroll down to the IBM reporting and archiving settings section), placing IT Asset Management in "sub-capacity mode".
This row displays two facts:
  • The start date (since date) of the period covered by peak calculations across all regions. This start date is typically the day after your last report was submitted to IBM, and can be adjusted in the Licensing tab of the IT Asset Management Settings General page.
    Tip: While the date is in your preferred format, the date roll-over occurs at midnight UTC. This is because the mandatory IBM regions cover the entire planet, and results are synchronized using coordinated universal time.
  • The total number of points summed in the values displayed in the Consumption by region/Peak consumption section (historical peaks for sub-capacity, plus any license consumption for containerized software, and any current full consumption, summed across regions). Provided that your values for Devices not assigned to any region remain at zero, this is your consumption of either PVU points or VPC license entitlements (as appropriate for this license), and likely the figure for which IBM expects to charge your license fees (subject, of course, to any future increases in the contributing peak and full-consumption values).

IT Asset Management (Cloud)