IT Asset Management (Cloud)
By default (until you search or filter), this is a tree view that you can collapse or expand. The "root" item in each hierarchy is determined by the setting of a license consumption rule (navigate in the license properties to Use Rights & Rules > > License consumption rule > Bundle consumption rules):
  • If, under Bundle consumption rules, you have selected Consume for each product on a device, each tree starts with the licensed IBM product for which consumption is calculated – in this case, the Inventory device type column displays the pseudo-value Product, and Consumed shows the total number of license entitlements consumed for that product, rolled up from the appropriate child device rows
  • If instead, under Bundle consumption rules, you have selected Consume once for each device, each tree starts with the VM host (or possibly a stand-alone server with no guest VMs).
When this first level is expanded (click the + sign to its left), the child rows show either:
  • The hierarchy of devices (possibly a stand-alone server, or else a host with possible pools and guest virtual machines) where the IBM product (or Value Pak) is installed, and the number of cores that may be contributing to the overall Consumed count; or
  • The list of Kubernetes clusters reported by IBM License Service as having the product installed (it is not possible to tell from the RESTful API for the IBM License Service how many times, nor on which individual hosts, the product is installed within the cluster).

When the device type is appropriate (or the listing shows a cluster), the device (or cluster) name is presented as a hyperlink, taking you to the properties for that device or cluster.

Available only for IBM VPC licenses.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)