Product conversion ratio

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
For an IBM VPC license, this ratio defines the factor used to move from the total number of virtual processor cores (VPCs) assigned in all devices running the same product (on this license), to the number of license entitlements consumed. Some products have a ratio of VPCs to entitlements that is:
  • Less costly (for example, 2:1, so that running 2 VPCs consumes 1 license entitlement) – or put the other way around, the total VPC count is halved to arrive at the number of license entitlements consumed
  • More costly (for example, 1:2, so that every 1 VPC consumes 2 license entitlements) – in this case, the total VPC count is doubled to get the license entitlements consumed.
You can see the input in the Metric value column (which is the VPC count rolled up for the VM host), and results in the Consumed column (the number of license entitlements consumed for the individual product).
The ratio is either:
  • As reported by the IBM License Service for Kubernetes clusters
    Tip: The IBM License Service may use different ratios for a single product, depending on context (such as which Cloud Pak contains this instance of the product).
  • Defined in the Application Recognition Library for traditional IT infrastructure.

Available only for IBM VPC licenses.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)