Tier Code

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Enter the code representing the license’s tier. Some selections in the preceding Tier type drop-down list dictate a range of values that are acceptable in this field, as listed in the following table.

Tier type Tier code Values

No restrictions.

Per Processor No restrictions.

Symantec Installed Operating System

A single digit chosen from 1 (Standard), 2 (Enterprise), or 3 (Data Center).

Symantec Processor Type

A single digit in the range 1 through 3.

Symantec Server

One of 1A , 1B , 1C , 2A , 2B , 2C , 3A , 3B , 3C , 3D , 4A , 4B , 4C , 4D ; or a single alphabetic character in the range A through N; or a single digit in the range of 1 through 4.

Only available for Tiered Device licenses.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)