IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The number of installations of the licensed applications that are used, based on application usage data imported into FlexNet Manager Suite with inventory data. This total is the number of Yes values in the Used column of the Consumption tab, and is displayed here to help plan a response to your overall position for this license.

A particular installation of the licensed software is counted as used (Used on the Consumption tab displays Yes) if the software was run for at least 60 seconds, at least once in the last three months.
Tip: If the last time this installation was used was more than three months ago, the Used column displays No, and does not contribute to this count.


If this value is zero, it is likely that one of the following applies:

  • You have not specified any related inventory targets that the inventory beacon can adopt and then track for usage
  • You have not imported new inventory, and recalculated compliance, since you specified target devices on which to track usage
  • None of the target devices you have specified have used the software covered by this license in the last three months
  • The licensed software is installed only in containers (for example, those running in Kubernetes clusters) where licensing information is collected from the IBM License Service, which does not track usage.

If this is a non-zero number less than the Consumed count:

  • You may not have targeted all the computers on which the licensed software is installed (check the listing on the Consumption tab and validate whether all these machines are targets for usage tracking)
  • Some installations may be running inside containers where usage is not tracked
  • You may have opportunities to uninstall applications from some computers where the software is not being used, and harvest licenses for redeployment elsewhere.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)