Gather Oracle Database Environment Inventory

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)
You can use the Gather Oracle database environment inventory option to collect Oracle inventory through a direct connection between the FlexNet Beacon component (present on every inventory beacon) and every Oracle server within its assigned subnet. You may use this option when:
  • You cannot install FlexNet inventory agent on every Oracle server. The FlexNet inventory agent automatically collects Oracle inventory.
  • The access restrictions prevent inventory beacons connecting to all devices present within their assigned subnet to discover Oracle servers.
When you use this option, the FlexNet Beacon engine on each inventory beacon uses the listener and services information added manually through the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite to establish a direct connection to every database within its subnet. This way, the entire network is not scanned to find Oracle servers. Following are the steps to use this option:
  1. Use the Databases tab of discovered device properties to add listener and services details corresponding to your Oracle servers. For more information, see Creating Listeners and Services.
  2. Select the Gather Oracle database environment inventory option in the action definition and include this action in the rule definition. No other discovery method is required with this option.
  3. When the rule executes, the FlexNet Beacon engine on each inventory beacon connects to every active Oracle databases present within its subnet by using the manually-entered listeners and services information, and collects only Oracle inventory.
    Tip: This method of direct connection from the inventory beacon through the listener on the Oracle Database server only permits connection to active database instances. If you need to collect inventory from standby database instances, use a locally-installed FlexNet inventory agent.
  4. Each inventory beacon uploads Oracle inventory to FlexNet Manager Suite.
    Note: Some Oracle licenses are based on hardware configuration like the number of processor cores. To get accurate information about consumed licenses, Flexera recommends you to select the Gather hardware and software inventory option in the General section of the action definition when you select this direct inventory collection option.