IBM Region

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

Available only for IBM PVU licenses, and displayed only when FlexNet Manager Suite is in 'PVU mode', responsible for sub-capacity calculations of PVU points (see IBM PVU Scanning).

Shows, for each device, the region in which its PVU points are included (or, if the device is not yet assigned to a region, Unknown region is displayed, and this should be corrected as soon as practical). This is one of the three regions of the world that IBM makes mandatory for reporting points consumption on IBM PVU licenses.
Tip: In any list of inventory devices, a virtual machine shows the IBM region linked to its host server. This is because an IBM PVU license licenses the host, and therefore the total consumption for the host is rolled up into the IBM region that is linked to the host (through its owning location). This total consumption of PVU points includes both software installed on the host and/or on any guest VMs running on that host. (In contrast, if the host for the VM is unknown, the VM displays its own properties, so that in this case, the location and its mapped IBM region are those from the orphan VM.)

Locations can be assigned to IBM regions through the Enterprise > Locations page; and assignments of devices to locations are made in the Ownership tab of the inventory device properties.

Tip: Any devices displaying Unknown region should be corrected as soon as possible. Changes take effect for the entire reporting period.