Download and Licensing Instructions
Flexera One

NOTE: Flexera One is a unified platform consisting of Cloud Cost Optimization, IT Asset Management, IT Asset Requests, IT Visibility, and SaaS Management.

Obtaining Access to Flexera One

To obtain access to Flexera One:

  1. Your organization will be granted access to Flexera One by the Flexera team after your contract is signed.
  2. An email invitation is sent from Also, if one of your local administrators grants access to components in Flexera One, email invitation is sent from

    NOTE: If the email is not in the recipient's inbox, check the spam folder or perform a keyword search for 'welcome' or 'Flexera' in your email.

  3. To accept the account invitation, you must do both of the following:
    1. First, click the Accept Invite link in the email.
    2. After you are logged in to Flexera One, go to the My Invitations page, and then click the check mark in the Actions column.

Note the following:

  • You will access either of the following URLs based on the location of your account.
    • North

      NOTE: In order to support the proper functioning of Flexera One, administrators should allow access to the URLs and endpoints provided in the Safelist URLs and Endpoints topic from the Flexera One help, by adding the URLs to the trusted sites of the browsers you are using with Flexera One.

  • Only admin users can send account invitations.
  • If you are an admin user, you must specify a user's roles before sending an account invitation. Later, admins can change a user's roles on the Users  page.
  • Only an admin user can revoke another user's admin privileges.