Reviewing Detailed History of Group Assignments

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

Historical details are available for each individual license for which you make group assignments.

To review the detailed history of group assignments:

  1. In one of the pages that list licenses (navigate through License Compliance), identify your license of interest and double-click to open its license properties.
  2. On the right-hand side of the properties, select the Group assignment tab.
    Tip: Only groups with current (non-zero) assignments, purchases, or consumption are displayed. If you are interested in a group that is not shown (because it currently has all-zero counts), you can temporarily begin a new assignment by selecting the group from the groups Search fly-down so that it appears afresh in the table.
  3. Ensure that your group of interest is selected (the check box on its left is selected).
  4. Click Assign entitlements.
    The Assign license entitlements to groupName fly-up appears.
  5. In the bottom-right corner of this fly-up area, click Show history.
    The colored fly-up area expands to include a list of all previously saved group assignment transactions relating to your chosen group on this license. The following columns (listed here alphabetically) are available in this list:
    Column Notes
    Action A system-generated summary of the action (notice that transfers are identified in these summaries, including the group that formed the other side of the transfer, so you may wish to expand this column)
    Change The numeric change (positive or negative) in entitlements made at this step of the history.
    Change by The account name of the operator who made the change.
    Comments Any comments that the operator recorded when making the assignment.
    Date The date/time stamp when the change was recorded.
    Total The balance of entitlements held by the enterprise group at the completion of this step of the history.
    Tip: Click Show history again to hide this listing.
  6. If required, make a change to the assignments for this group in the fly-up area above this list. If you do so, finish by clicking Update.
    This displays the change in the Group assignment tab. For more about making such changes, see Assigning License Entitlements to Groups or Transferring License Entitlements Between Enterprise Groups.
  7. If you have made changes, remember to click Save to store them in the database.
    Tip: Any changes to group assignments are only visible in the history list after you have saved them to the database.
The detailed history in this tab is also summarized in the main History tab for the license properties with text like Assigned was changed from previousValue to newValue. You can also prepare a report of group assignment transactions under Reports > License Compliance > Licenses by Group Assignment (in the Licenses group).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1