Salesforce Subscription Management

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The benefits of Salesforce subscriptions come at a significant cost for large organizations and licensing is complex. FlexNet Manager Suite provides you with ways to better stay in charge of your Salesforce licensing and consumption. FlexNet Manager Suite provides an inventory adapter so that you can import Salesforce license allocations and usage data and then leverage FlexNet Manager Suite's tools to help you manage Salesforce licensing and consumption costs. With FlexNet Manager Suite's integration with Salesforce, you can easily see unused Salesforce subscriptions, thereby helping you strategize how to reduce costs at subscription renewal. FlexNet Manager Suite:

  • Imports Salesforce license information and creates one SaaS User license for each instance of Salesforce that is connected. In FlexNet Manager Suite, under the SaaS User license, a series of applications represents the Salesforce users in your organization.
  • Shows you consumption information in the Consumption tab of the license properties for each user in your organization that is accessing Salesforce.
  • Shows unused Salesforce subscriptions. To determine unused Salesforce subscriptions, you can specify a number of days in a SaaS Usage Summary report and drill through to users to view which users have and have not accessed Salesforce over that time period.
  • Supports multiple Salesforce instances.
  • Provides a list of accessing users for each Salesforce instance.
Note: You must be connected to Salesforce in order for FlexNet Manager Suite to provide Salesforce information.
Note: For managing a your subscription licenses for Salesforce, you may prefer to use the Flexera SaaS Manager connector, which not only integrates information for Salesforce, but simultaneously imports information for all your SaaS-based products you choose to manage there. If you choose the Flexera SaaS Manager connector, you should not use the Salesforce connector described in this part.