Repackager Interface

AdminStudio 2021 | 21.0 | Repackager

Edition:The full functionality of the Repackager interface is available in AdminStudio Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.

From the Repackager Interface, you can:

Open the Repackaging Wizard and repackage legacy setups.
Open the Exclusions Editor and configure exclusions.
Convert Novell ZENworks, Microsoft SMS, and WinINSTALL projects into Repackaging projects.
Create a package exclusion list.
Build a Repackager project into an InstallShield Editor project and Windows Installer package.

The Interface consists of several menus, a toolbar, the status bar, the output window, the View List, and several associated views.

Menus and the toolbar are discussed in the Menus and Toolbar topic.
Individual views are covered in their respective help topics.
The status bar, output window, and View List are described in the following table.

Repackager Interface Elements

Interface Element


Status Bar

The status bar, which can be toggled from the View menu, displays information when you hover over buttons in the toolbar.

View List

The View List allows you to navigate to different views in the Repackager project. The corresponding view is displayed when you select an item in the tree. You can also use the Forward, Back, Navigate Up, and Navigate Down buttons in the View List.

The View List includes the following views:

Captured Installation View
Files and Folders View
Registry Entries View
Shortcuts View
INI Files View
Deleted Files View
Deleted Registry Entries View
Repackaged Output View
Package Information View
Software Identification Tag View
Advanced Package Settings View

Output Window

When you open Repackager 3.x output, Novell ZENworks projects, Microsoft SMS projects, WinINSTALL projects, or Wise installation projects in the Repackager Interface, conversion information appears in the Output window. This window can be toggled from the View menu.