License Reclamation Campaign Conditions

App Portal 2020 R1

After you add an application to the My Apps License Reclamation Policies list, which means that the application is targeted for reclamation, you can view a list of all license reclamation campaign conditions which have been sent out for this application by clicking the Edit link in the Exclusion Conditions column for that application or you can add a new campaign condition by clicking the Add link.

License Reclamation Campaign Conditions

The fields are described:



Group and OU, AD Property, and Collections tabs

Use to create conditions—based on Active Directory Groups or OUs, Active Directory properties, and collections—that will force the MyApps process to evaluate user/device eligibility to process reclamation. See Add Condition Dialog Box.

Add Condition

If you click Add Condition on the Group and OU, AD Property, or Collections subtabs of the License Reclamation Campaign Conditions dialog box the Add Condition dialog box opens. See Add Condition Dialog Box.

Remove Condition

Select the checkbox of a condition and then click Remove Condition to remove that condition from the campaign.


Saves the current pop-up settings.

Apply to OU and child OUs

Select this check box to apply this condition to all of the OU’s child OUs. If this option is not selected, this condition is not applied to the selected OU’s child OUs.

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