Removing a Report from the Reporting Tab

All of the reports listed on the Report Management > Reporting view are available to view on the Reporting tab to users who have permission to view them.

To delete a report from the Reporting tab, perform the following steps:

To remove a report from the Reporting tab:

1. Open the Report Management > Reporting view.
2. Double-click the report that you want to remove. The Report Properties dialog box opens.
3. Click Delete. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.
4. Click OK. The report is deleted from the list on the Reporting view and is no longer available on the Reporting tab.

Important:When you remove a standard report from the Reporting view, you are not deleting the actual .RDLC file; you are just removing it from the list. To re-add the report, click the New Standard Report button and select the report from the Report list.

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