Setting Up an Identity Provider for Flexera One

Flexera One can act as a SAML 2.0 service provider to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your organization.

Important:Adding a new identity provider in Flexera One requires you to have administrative privileges in your organization’s identity provider.

To enable SSO, log in to an external SAML 2.0 identity provider of your choice such as:

ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services)
Azure AD (Active Directory)

The Flexera One Identity Providers user interface (available within the Administration module) helps you configure your identity provider to respond to authentication requests from Flexera One. If your identity provider vendor has an application dashboard, you may also end up with a button that your users can employ to perform identity provider-initiated login to Flexera One.

Accessing the Flexera One Identity Providers Interface

To access the Flexera one Identity Provider interface, go to the Identity Providers page (Administration > Identity Providers).

Important:You must have the Flexera One Manage organization role or Administer organization role to access the Flexera One Identity Providers page.

Steps to Add a New Identity Provider

You will need to perform the following tasks to add a new identity provider record in Flexera One. Click a step to view the associated instructions.

Required Steps

1. Adding a New Identity Provider
2. Adding a Domain
3. Verifying a Domain with a TXT Record

Optional Steps

1. Just-In-Time Provisioning and Group Sync
2. Creating a New Signing Key
3. Enforcing Single Sign-On in Your Organization