All Installer Evidence

The Installer Evidence tab of the All Evidence page displays all installation evidence discovered across your enterprise and in the Application Recognition Library.

Available Actions

You can perform the following actions on the listed evidence records:

Installer Evidence Tab Actions



Assign evidence to an application or unassign the linked evidence

See Assigning (or Unassigning) Evidence to (or From) an Application.

Ignore or recover an evidence record

See Excluding Evidence From Application Recognition.

Add or edit an evidence record

See Adding or Editing an Evidence Record.

Delete an evidence record

See Deleting an Evidence Record.

Properties Displayed on the All Installer Evidence Tab

For detailed information on the properties displayed in this list, see Installer Evidence Property Reference.

Note:Most lists in IT Asset Management only show a selection of the properties in the underlying database. Some columns are displayed by default and others can be displayed using the column chooser control, including any custom properties that you have added. For information on using the column chooser, see Managing Columns in a Table.

Tip:The Save view as feature enables you to create customized views of a page by saving the applied user interface settings. For more information, see Creating Saved Views.

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