Managing Data Mashup

With IT Visibility’s Data Mashup feature, you can augment your organization’s inventory data with non-discoverable business context data to produce custom insights and reports.

On the Data Mashup page, you can upload your business context data as a CSV file and, when the CSV data processing has completed, begin working with these new attributes in the Data Explorer view. The mashup data you upload can be combined with your normalized inventory and Technopedia catalog data on hardware, software, and devices to produce unique reports tailored to your organization’s particular business needs. The custom reports and insights built with your normalized inventory data and your mashup data have the potential to identify business strengths and weaknesses or to illuminate behavior so you can make better-informed, data-driven decisions.

Note:Uploading and managing data mashup datasets requires the Administer organization role. For more information about roles and permissions, see Flexera One Roles.

See the following topics for instructions on uploading data and managing uploaded datasets plus an example of how to work with the uploaded attributes in Data Explorer.

Adding Mashup Data to IT Visibility 
Viewing Existing Data Mashup Datasets 
Editing Data Mashup Datasets 
Deleting Data Mashup Datasets 
Exporting Data Mashup Datasets 

Additionally, if your organization has upgraded to the latest version of IT Visibility, you can use the IT Visibility API Query and Export endpoints to download Data Mashup datasets for software and devices. For details, see Exporting Data Mashup Datasets.

Note:Upgrading to the latest version of IT Visibility is not automatically performed for customers who were onboarded prior to October 31, 2023. To request an upgrade, contact Flexera Support