Analyzing Cloud Costs in Billing Centers

Billing centers provide a method to allocate costs into certain groups, or cost centers, which can then be analyzed and reported or alerted on. Users can create any number of billing centers, each one spanning multiple cloud vendors and accounts. The aggregated costs are rolled up into the associated billing center.

A billing center contains a collection of cloud charges which come from public cloud bills that have been connected to Cloud Cost Optimization. Bill charges are associated with a billing center by creating allocation rules designating specific cloud accounts or cloud tags. Billing centers should be logically organized by cost center, department, or project, for example, to separate cloud costs for costs analysis, showback, or chargeback.

Use billing centers to provide scheduled cost reports, view potential savings, and organize your cloud charges across all of your public cloud providers.

This topic includes the following subsections:

Managing Billing Centers 
Cost Dimensions 
Billing Center Hierarchies 
Viewing Potential Savings in a Billing Center
Scheduled Reports 
Allocation Rules 

Note:For information about using Tabular View with billing centers, see Tabular View.