Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Adobe Systems that gives users access to a collection of software developed by Adobe for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and cloud services.

Information Stored
Minimum Permissions Required
Authentication Method
Credentials Required
License Types
License Differentiation
Integrating Creative Cloud with SaaS Management
Application Roster API Endpoints

Information Stored

The following table describes the available integration tasks and stored data.

Available Integration Tasks

Integration Task

Information Stored

Application Roster

First Name
Last Name
User ID
Assigned User Groups
Product Names

License Differentiation

See License Types and License Differentiation.

Note:The information stored is subject to change as enhancements are made to the product.

Minimum Permissions Required

System Administrator

Authentication Method

JSON Web Token. For details, refer to Adobe’s Authentication for API Access.

Credentials Required

Organization ID
Technical Account ID
Client ID
Client Secret
Private Key

License Types

Creative Cloud uses Product Profiles to enable customers to manage their usage. The Creative Cloud integration displays the applications or license type from each discovered user’s product profile in the License Type column of the Activity tab.

The following links list the applications or license types that are tracked.

Creative Cloud Plans & Pricing 
Creative Cloud Desktop Apps 

Note:These Creative Cloud links exclude all special offers or region-specific product plans.

License Differentiation

SaaS Management offers a license differentiation feature that allows you to view users by application or license type. To view this license differentiation feature, navigate to the Activity tab of the Creative Cloud App Details screen where you can filter and export the Creative Cloud application or license types.

The total spend for the billable Creative Cloud accounts displayed in the Creative Cloud App Details screen is based on the Creative Cloud license cost details entered in the License Details tab. For details, refer to Entering license details for license differentiation.

Integrating Creative Cloud with SaaS Management

To integrate Creative Cloud with SaaS Management, perform the following steps. For further details, refer to Adobe’s Service Account Integration instructions.

To integrate Creative Cloud with SaaS Management:

1. Log in to the Adobe Developer Console at
2. Select the Projects tab. The Project overview screen opens.
3. To start using Adobe services, select Add API. The Add an API window opens.

4. On the View by drop-down menu, click All.

5. Select the service User Management API and click Next.

Note:Many Adobe services are only available through a paid license or subscription. If User Management API is not available, contact your Adobe sales representative.

6. On the Configure API screen, select Option 1: Generate a key pair and click Generate keypair.

7. Your keypair will be successfully generated and download to your device when you see the confirmation: “Keypair generated and downloaded. The configuration file that downloaded just now contains all you app settings, along with the only copy of your private key. Since Adobe does not record your private key, make sure to securely store the downloaded file.”
8. After generating the private key pair, click the Save configured API button to generate the remaining credentials.

9. In the User Management API tab, scroll down to find the required credentials.

10. Open your private key with Notepad.
11. Add the Creative Cloud application in SaaS Management. Refer to Adding an Application.
12. Copy and paste the Creative Cloud private key in SaaS Management.
13. Click Authorize.

Application Roster API Endpoints

List Users<<OrganizationID>>/

List Groups and Product Profile<<OrganizationID>>/