Adding an Application

Follow the steps below for Adding an application to your organization’s list of Managed SaaS Applications. The applications available to be added to your Managed SaaS Applications are sourced from Technopedia.

If you do not see your application listed and would like it added to our catalog, you can create a support ticket for Adding new applications to Technopedia.

For details regarding the Managed SaaS Applications user interface, refer to Managed SaaS Applications.

Best Practice:It is recommended to first integrate your Human Resources (HR) provider. To see which applications have integrations, refer to the list of SaaS Management’s prebuilt integrations in Application Task Tracking. If you want to request an integration, contact your Flexera account manager.

Important:You must have the SaaS Management role of Administrator and/or Application Administrator to add an application.

Adding an application to your organization’s list of Managed SaaS Applications

To add an application, perform the following steps:

To add an application to your organization’s list of Managed SaaS Applications:

1. From the SaaS menu, click Managed SaaS Applications. The Managed SaaS Applications screen appears.
2. Click Add Application. The Add Application screen appears.
3. Click the card of the application you wish to add. The application’s slideout displays. The contents of the slideout will vary depending on whether an application is integrated.
4. Enter any Tags for the application. This field is optional.

Note:For Salesforce, instance and user type information can be entered after clicking Authenticate Integration.

5. You can either:
a. Complete the integration of this application at a later date by clicking Save. For details, refer to the topic “Authorizing an Integration at a Later Date” in Authorizing a SaaS Integration. Once your application is saved, the application’s App Details tab opens.
b. Click Authenticate Integration to integrate this application now and follow the steps below.
6. Select the number of days for the Activity Threshold, which defines the number of days of inactivity before an application’s user is labeled inactive. Activity Threshold is not available for all applications.

The default activity threshold is 60 days. For applications with an integration, you can customize the activity threshold to 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 days. For details, refer to Setting Activity Thresholds.

7. Select the appropriate Integration Tasks.
8. Click Authorize to complete the process for Authorizing a SaaS Integration. Once your application is integrated, the application’s Integrations tab opens. It will take a few minutes to populate all the tabs within the SaaS Application Details.

Adding new applications to Technopedia

If you would like a new application added to our Technopedia catalog, you need to complete a Technopedia support ticket with the following information.

1. Log in to Flexera’s Community at and navigate to the Get Support tab.
2. Click Open New Case.
3. On the Open new case screen, complete the following fields.
a. The Product field should be set to Data Platform Technopedia.
b. The Version field should be set to Technopedia (installer) 5.5.0.
c. In the Case summary field, enter the application name and version (if applicable) to be added.

Example: Please add Microsoft Office 365 version x.x

d. In the Description field, enter the product information and include a reference of where to find information pertaining to the product being requested. Refer to the example below.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Product name: Office 365
Version: x.x
Reference: www.<insertwebaddresshere>.com
4. Upload any needed documents for your case before saving it. You will receive an email with the case number.
5. The Technopedia support team will follow up on your case and take the appropriate action.