Integration Tab

The Integration tab allows you to manage your integrations for applications by listing the Authorization Status of a particular integration, whether Integration Tasks have been enabled, and whether any errors occurred in the integration by downloading the execution Logs. If an application does not have a prebuilt integration with SaaS Management, the Integration tab will not appear. To authorize an integration, click SETUP and read Authorizing a SaaS Integration.

The tables below explain the functionality of the buttons found in the Integration tab and the application’s integration slideout.

Note:As you may have set up the integration when adding the application, see also the Add Application Button and Icon Explanations listed in Managed SaaS Applications.

Integration Tab Buttons




Allows you to set up the SaaS application’s integration.


Allows you to disable the SaaS application’s integration.

Important:Disabling an integration does not delete any managed application’s back-end data. Deleting all the managed application’s related data requires a support ticket (for details, Contact Flexera Support in the Flexera Community). Once an application’s data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.


Allows you to edit the SaaS application’s existing integration.


This status confirms the integration task has been enabled.


This status confirms the integration task has been disabled.


Integration Slideout Buttons




Allows you to authorize the integration.


Allows you to save changes to a SaaS application’s integration.


Allows you to cancel changes to a SaaS application’s integration.