September 2022

Flexera One introduced the following new features and enhancements this month.


New Feature or Enhancement


Select a User Group When Inviting a New User 

Cloud Cost Optimization

Aggregation of Rate and Usage Reduction Recommendations

Flexera Automation Policies Enhanced With New Authentication Method

Flexera Integration App for ServiceNow

Flexera Integration App Version 5.0.9 Now Available in ServiceNow Store 

IT Asset Management

Including Oracle Java Into the Oracle GLAS Evidence Archive 

Changes to the Supported Operating Systems and Compatibility With Other Products 

Enhancement in the Agent to Recognize Different Editions of Adobe Acrobat 

IT Asset Requests

Integrate IT Asset Requests With Jamf Cloud

SaaS Management

Extended User Dataset for Microsoft 365 License Downgrade Management 

Managing Box Licenses With New Box Client Credentials Integration 

Salesforce License Drill Through View 

Additional Salesforce Cost Driver Fields - Phase 1 

More Timely Organization SaaS Usage Data 

New Overview Tab Design for SaaS Applications Without Usage Data