Creating Licensing Templates for Third-Party License Servers

A third-party licensing template links to a report log definition and enables you to provide the license server command syntax (and optional command options), along with the path to the executable that the FlexNet Agent will use to carry out the commands.

Before you can add a third-party license server to FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications, you must first create a report-log definition and create a third-party licensing template to support the licensing system used by the license server. See Workflow for Adding Third-Party License Servers for more information.

To create a third-party licensing template:

1. If you have not already done so, create a report-log definition. This is required before you can create a third-party licensing template.
2. From the Servers tab, under Third-Party License Servers, click Third-Party Licensing Templates.
3. Click New Third-Party Licensing Template to display the New Licensing Template dialog.
4. Complete the basic settings for the licensing template.



Template name

Provide a unique name for the licensing template.

Report log definition

Select the report log definition that specifies how FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications should process the report log data returned by the FlexNet Agent.

5. In the License Server Command Definitions section, provide the command syntax and options that the FlexNet Agent will execute for the licensing system. For each command, provide the fully qualified path to the executable. This path must be accessible from the machine on which the FlexNet Agent resides.
6. Click Save.

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