Saving the Configuration

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
Details of all download locations and reporting locations in your hierarchy of inventory beacons are stored on each target inventory device that has a locally-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent (or core components of it).
  • On inventory devices running Microsoft Windows, details are saved in the Windows registry
  • On UNIX-like devices, they are stored in the /var/opt/managesoft/etc/config.ini file.
For more information about the root registry keys, see [Registry] Explained.
The details stored in the [Registry] about download and upload locations include folder and host names, and port numbers. This information is stored in the DownloadSettings and UploadSettings preferences (for details, see DownloadSettings and UploadSettings).
Tip: By default, the "bootstrap" inventory beacon used in adoption of the inventory device is assigned a low priority (100), so that it is naturally overridden by other inventory beacons identified in downloaded device policy.

You can configure other registry settings to adjust the way that target inventory devices assign priorities to inventory beacons (summarized in Prioritizing Inventory Beacons).

The method for prioritizing inventory beacons used by each inventory device is declared in the SelectorAlgorithm preference (see SelectorAlgorithm). For software and hardware inventory management, the default value (MgsRandom;MgsPing;MgsADSiteMatch — the last algorithm does not apply to UNIX-like devices) is normally adequate. Because of the relatively simple download and upload requirements for inventory management, there is no way in the presentation of the system to modify the selected algorithms. If you wish to modify SelectorAlgorithm or other preferences impacting the selection of inventory beacons by inventory devices, choose one of the following:
  • Manually edit the preferences as documented, in the case where you only wish to modify a very few target inventory devices
  • Use your preferred administrative tool to deploy registry settings to target Windows devices, or a customized config.ini to UNIX-like devices.
  • On UNIX-like platforms only, you can use (or script) the import feature of the mgsconfig tool:
    1. Create a temporary file containing only the desired change, such as:
    2. Deploy this temporary file to UNIX-like target inventory devices (for example, deploy to /var/tmp/tempconfig.ini).
    3. Run the following command on the target device to import the configuration change (substituting your actual path and file name for the temporary file):
      /opt/managesoft/bin/mgsconfig -i /var/tmp/tempconfig.ini
    4. Remove the temporary file.
    This method merges the change into the config.ini file without disturbing other custom settings that may have been configured for various target inventory devices.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)