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DownloadSettings is a registry key (container) for several preferences that can control the download of data by the FlexNet Inventory Agent. These registry values are in sets that apply to a particular download location, for which reason the registry key must be completed with an identifier for the download location. The completed path leads to the relevant set of registry values, as shown below.

When configured by the failover list generated by an inventory beacon, the placeholder <download_location> in the registry path takes the form of a GUID that identifies the download location on the particular inventory beacon (for example, {EEFC121D-2BB3-4318-8014-8DDC339C7553}).

For manual configuration, four name/value pairs must be specified, and others are optional. To omit an optional value, you may include the name and leave the value blank (as shown in the example below), or omit the name/value pair entirely. The values that may be set are:
  • Protocol – Mandatory. For download from an inventory beacon, this must be either http or https.
  • Name – a user-friendly (general purpose) name for this group of settings. When set by policy downloaded from an inventory beacon, this consists of the value of Host with the string " Download Location" appended.
  • Directory – Mandatory. By default, the download location is called ManageSoftDL, but as this may have been renamed during installation, you need to check details of your implementation.
  • Host – Mandatory. When set by downloaded policy, this is normally the fully-qualified domain name of the inventory beacon. If you are setting this registry value manually, you may instead use either an IPv4 or an IPv6 (unique global or unique local) address.
  • Port – Mandatory. As this has no default value, you must specify this setting to suit your environment (typically port 80 for HTTP and port 443 for HTTPS).
  • User – If omitted (or left with a blank value), anonymous authentication is used for downloads from this download location.
  • Password – Stores an encrypted copy of the password needed when Windows authentication is specified for the download.
  • Priority
  • AutoPriority
  • Proxy.


Values / range

Requires a subkey that uniquely identifies the download location on an individual inventory beacon.

Default value


Example values

      Name=ss-server1 Download Location


Installed by

Download of failover settings, or manual configuration

Computer preference


IT Asset Management (Cloud)