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Tip: This preference requires that the up-to-date InventorySettings.xml file is either:
  • Co-located with the FlexNet Inventory Scanner (or the scanner-like ndtrack.sh on UNIX-like platforms)
  • Correctly installed with the fully-installed FlexNet Inventory Agent.
Unless this condition is met, this preference is ignored.
By default when the above condition is met, the tracker (ndtrack executable) will perform all local scripting actions specified in InventorySettings.xml. For example, this file includes enhanced inventory abilities related to Oracle databases and the hardware they run on, and Microsoft Exchange (although the functionality available is subject to the products you have licensed within IT Asset Management). When the ExcludeLocalScriptRule preference is included, any local script rules that are included as parameters in the list will not be performed (while any rules not identified will continue to run). This means that you should use this preference only when you want to exclude specific scripts because they are not required, or are affecting performance, or are outside your security policies.
Tip: As an alternative to the ExcludeLocalScriptRule preference, you can use the IncludeLocalScriptRule preference (which runs only the named scripts and implicitly excludes all others). While it is not recommended that you use both preferences at the same time, if both are used, ExcludeLocalScriptRule takes precedence.
Tip: Collection of Oracle inventory may be affected by any of the following preferences:


Values / range

Valid rule name. For reference, valid rule names can be found in InventorySettings.xml by searching for the Id attribute of the RecognitionRule XML element.

Default value

There is no default. You must specify a rule name as a value. When neither of ExcludeLocalScriptRule or IncludeLocalScriptRule is specified, the default is to execute all the scripts in InventorySettings.xml (assuming PerformLocalScripting is true).

Example values

This rule controls the collection of Oracle hardware inventory.
This rule controls the collection of Oracle Database inventory.

Command line




-o ExcludeLocalScriptRule="OracleCPURule"

To exclude more than one rule, use a comma-delimited list:

-o ExcludeLocalScriptRule="OracleCPURule,OracleRule,AdditionalRule"


Installed by

Manual configuration

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