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NetworkSpeed is an internal storage place for the last detected network speed (saved in bits per second).

Note: Network throttling is not required for normal operations of IT Asset Management. The throttling controls apply only to the download of packages (such as self-update packages for FlexNet Inventory Agent in the Adopted case, which are only downloaded when changed, and are rarely updated). For upload of inventories and discovery files, the .ndi and .disco file formats allow for very efficient compression, giving as much as 90% reduction in file size when compressed for upload. Accordingly, these controls do not provide throttling of uploads. (Speed tests are applied to the top candidate inventory beacon in the fail-over list. These speed tests, and possible network throttling for downloads, do not re-order the fail-over list.)
The network speed is only assessed when NetworkSense is set to True. Before attempting transfers from a new inventory beacon, the applicable tool uses ping packages of different sizes to assess the available bandwidth, saving the result here. This value continues to be used (while NetworkSense is true) to manage transfers from this inventory beacon, until a different inventory beacon is chosen, at which time the network speed is reassessed and this value updated. This is then compared with the (non-zero) value of NetworkHighSpeed and other preferences as discussed below:
  • If NetworkSpeed is less than or equal to NetworkMinSpeed, no download is attempted. In this case, the connection is 'failed' and the tools assess the next available connection in the fail-over list (see NetworkMinSpeed).
  • If NetworkHighSpeed has the special (and default) value of 0, this testing is discontinued, and instead the transfer is attempted at the rate specified in NetworkMaxRate (see NetworkMaxRate).
  • If NetworkSpeed is greater than a non-zero value of NetworkHighSpeed, the connection is considered high speed, and the download may use up to the percentage of available bandwidth saved in NetworkHighUsage (see NetworkHighUsage).
  • If NetworkSpeed is non-zero and less than NetworkHighSpeed, the transfer may use no more than the percentage of available bandwidth saved in NetworkLowUsage (see NetworkLowUsage).
  • If ping is disabled or blocked (for example, by a firewall, or because inventory beacons do not respond to ping), the NetworkSpeed is deemed to be 0 bits/second, and the connection is discarded from the fail-over list. Testing is ten resumed on the next inventory beacon in the fail-over list.
    Important: Where ping is disabled or blocked, be sure to use the default (False) value for NetworkSense.


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