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OracleInventoryAsSysdba applies on UNIX-like platforms only. It modifies the command line used for the Oracle utility sqlplus during inventory gathering, allowing use of a custom account name.
Tip: This preference only controls the command line to be used in the event that gathering Oracle inventory is permitted by other preferences:
The effect of OracleInventoryAsSysdba is:
  • When OracleInventoryAsSysdba=True (or when the value is not specified), the inventory component (ndtrack) uses the following command to access the Oracle Database for inventory gathering:
    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
  • When OracleInventoryAsSysdba=False, the inventory component (ndtrack) uses the following:
    sqlplus "/ " 
    Notice the trailing white space in this case.
Tip: When OracleInventoryAsSysdba=False, it is mandatory to set an account name, using OracleInventoryUser (see OracleInventoryUser).


Values / range

Boolean (True or False)

Default value

True (This is the default value when there is no entry in the registry file or command line options.)

Example values


Command line


Inventory component (ndtrack)


-o OracleInventoryAsSysdba=False


Installed by

Manual configuration (computer preference)

Computer preference

[Registry]\ManageSoft\Tracker\CurrentVersion in the config.ini or ndtrack.ini file:

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