Resolving the Alerts about Overlapping Applications

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Sometimes a single evidence record might be assigned to several software applications. If so, a red alert symbol displays next to its name.

Important: Overlapping applications associated with the same evidence lead to conflicting results during application recognition. It is best practice to review and resolve these alerts when possible.

To resolve the alerts about overlapping applications:

  1. Click either of the following:
    • License Compliance > All Evidence
    • License Compliance > Discovered Evidence
    • License Compliance > Inactive Evidence
  2. Click the Installer evidence tab.
    Tip: For more details, see Adding a Simple Filter.
  3. Click Add filter, and select Alert from the list.
  4. From the second drop-down list, select Overlapping applications and click .
    The list of evidence records displays. The alert's digit () indicates the number of overlapping applications.
  5. Select an evidence record, and click Open.
    Remember: You might choose to ignore an alert if the evidence is part of the overlapping applications. To do that, click the eye symbol displayed next to an alert: the icon will be displayed instead, and the evidence record is removed from the list of alerts on the Installer evidence tab.
  6. Click the Applications tab, and resolve the issue with conflicting applications.
    Note: If Yes displays in the Added application column, you can select it, and click Remove (Yes displays if an operator manually associated an application with the evidence). If No displays, the application was automatically assigned to the evidence record through Application Recognition Library: this type of applications cannot be removed.
  7. Click Save.
    The Saved message displays.
The corresponding evidence record is removed from the list of available alerts; the alert counter on the toolbar is updated accordingly ().
Tip: If you want to re-include an evidence record that was previously removed from the list of overlapping application alerts, you can select Flexera (Extended) from the Source drop-down list, locate the evidence record, open it, click , and save it.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)