Consumed Entitlements

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The total number of license entitlements from this license consumed by all installations (or users, depending on license type).

This is the result of the most recent compliance calculation and shows the final consumption figure from all known installations/users of the licensed software. This incorporates any savings from Product Use Rights (PURs) or other license limits and conditions. The time and date of the compliance calculation is shown in the Last updated card (in the Consumption details section).

Exactly what is being measured varies by license type. For example:

  • For Custom Metric licenses, this value is not set by inventory import. You may set it manually, or you may arrange for the business importer to import a figure from some other system.

  • For Core Points, Processor Points, or Oracle Processor licenses, this is the number of points consumed. (For Oracle Processor licenses, the required rounding up is here correctly applied to the subtotal of points for hosts grouped by their points factor. For more details, see Oracle Processor (license type).

  • For user-based licenses, this is the number of end-users who have used the software.

  • For Device licenses, this is the number of reported installations.

  • For IBM PVU licenses, this is the final number of license points consumed by the enterprise. This is the same as the highest ever number of license points consumed, shown in the Peak consumed field, because this is IBM's licensing metric. For more about the relationships between various consumption fields (with special emphasis on IBM PVU licenses), see Relationships Between Consumption Fields.
  • For CAL legacy licenses, you can manually specify the number of licenses being consumed in your enterprise on the Consumption tab.
All of these details are collectively called the consumption against this license.
Note: For Microsoft User CALs and Microsoft Device CALs, the consumption can be adjusted by changing the Extra entitlements on the Compliance tab of the license properties. One allocated point consumes one user CAL or device CAL license.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)