Unauthorized Installs Report

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Unauthorized Installs report lists all current unauthorized installations of software and the number of installation counts.

Generating the report

  1. Search for the Unauthorized Installations page.
  2. Click Run report to display unauthorized installations for all software publishers across all enterprise groups.

Limiting the report results

Located from left to right below the report title are the following filters and search fields:

  • Using the search field titled Publishers, click the search icon and choose one or more publishers.
    • This displays a standard filter labeled Application which enables you to optionally limit the report to a single application (associated the publisher(s) selected above) by choosing the application from the adjacent drop-down list.
  • Using the search field titled Enterprise, click the search icon and choose to limit the report to one or more enterprise(s).
For help with the search, see To Use a Fly-Down.

Reading the report

The following columns (listed alphabetically) are available in this list. By default, some are available through the column chooser.

Column name Description
Application name
The application's name, which may be:
  • Set by the Application Recognition Library, and not editable (for applications with Source: Flexera)
  • Derived from the evidence values for Product, Version, and Edition properties (when generated by IT Asset Management), and editable to suit your corporate standards.

The edition of an application. These editions, for example, Lite or Pro, describe different levels or groupings of functionality.

Visible on the General tab of the application properties. It is editable only for applications with a Source value of Local.

Installed count

The count of installations of this application, calculated from evidence matched in the last imported inventory.

Not editable. The installed count is recalculated after each inventory import.


The name of the publisher of this software, responsible for its development and distribution.

Visible in the General tab of the application properties. Editable for applications with a Source value of Local.

Used count
The count of devices on which inventory shows that usage tracking is turned on, and the application has been used.
Tip: This is the number of devices showing usage in the Devices tab of the application properties, and is filtered by the thresholds set in the Usage tab of the same application properties. Devices where applications are opened less often, or for shorter times, than specified there are not counted here; but for usage tracked in Flexera inventory, may be checked in the Raw Software Usage page (where no thresholds apply).

Not editable.


The release number (or release identifier) of an application.

Visible in the Version field in General tab of the application properties. Editable for applications with a Source value of Local. For applications from the Application Recognition Library, it is not editable.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)