Inbuilt Reports

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

Inbuilt Reports Overview

IT Asset Management comes with a set of inbuilt reports available through the Reports Index page. You can access these reports through the Reports Index or the main menu. When you click the Reports button (located above the menu bar), the drop-down menus are highlighted in orange to differentiate reports views from the management views.

Commonly Used Reports

Your reporting needs will vary depending on your role within your organization, however the following reports are commonly used to assist with license compliance:

  • IBM PVU License Consumptiondisplays a list of software covered by Processor Value Unit (PVU) licenses and the license entitlements consumed against those licenses. Meet your contractual obligations to IBM by generating this report every three months to provide them with a valid audit report of your IBM PVU license consumption. Consider grouping the results by License name for ease of viewing. You may choose to generate the IBM Out-of-Date and IBM Overrides reports before running this report to ensure your data is correct.
  • IBM Cloud Pak License Consumption — displays a list of software authorized by Cloud Pak licenses, and the entitlements consumed from those licenses. Consumption is retrospective, using current settings across the entire reporting period selected (the period defaults to the current period set in IBM sub-capacity calculation settings, in the Licensing tab of the System Settings page, and reporting is not possible for dates earlier than the historical data period, set in the same place).
  • IBM Out-of-Date Reportlists devices, with installations previously consuming IBM PVU licenses, have not reported inventory for greater than the selected period.
  • IBM PVU Overridden Inventory Reportlists devices consuming an IBM PVU license where the inventory values have been manually overridden. Generate this report to determine whether any inventory device values have been manually overridden. If there are matching results, provide this report to your Infrastructure department so they can determine whether the values should be reset before generating the IBM PVU License Consumption report.
  • Microsoft EA Computers Reportlists all Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) contracts and the computers which are linked to these contracts. See Microsoft EA Computers Report
  • Oracle Server Worksheet for Oracle Database Reportprovides details of your Oracle Database infrastructure. Each record in the report represents one Oracle database instance. The report provides you with much of the information that you provide to Oracle during a license true-up, or whenever you are audited. You can export this report and use the information to populate the Server information, Database information, and Hardware information sections of the Oracle Server Worksheet. See Oracle Server Worksheet for Oracle Database Report

IT Asset Management (Cloud)